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 Joshua Gagliardi has made a practice of noticing a sense of time and place, of the  inside and the outside of space, of the way memory works and the way data is collected and stored and displayed.  In his pursuit of living, Joshua has developed a   knack for mold making and in doing so, a parallel appreciation for the philosophical   implications such an action might have on other aspects of being alive.  Repetition. Putting in the reps.  Endurance and exhaustion.  Feeling the burn and feeling the     lightness of fire.  Looking and experiencing have been vital to his practice of existing within the context that surrounds.  Deciphering the waves as they crash, as they ebb, as they flow and settle, anticipate.  If that is true, then what is this? 

Through recreating wild spaces, through photographing depth that beckons to be entered, through decontextualizing and recontextualizing the elements that make up a whole, he is able to draw poetic reverberations floating above the entity, as if to summon the ghost of what is.  


Joshua has an extensive knowledge and experience base in traditional Bronze Casting, Ceramics, Wood Working and Design.  Many of his works exist in the category of Sculpture, however these objects/actions frequently resist tangible notions.  Quickly pouring out - already made - highlight the shadows and put a box around it.  Ephemeral moments, remembered and replayed.  He has been a manager of various art departments including the Sculpture Department of the San Francisco Academy of Art University, as well as the Fine Art Department at the University of Dayton.  


Since receiving his Master’s of Fine Art in Sculpture from California State University Long Beach, he has been an adjunct instructor for multiple universities (CSULB, SFAAU, and UD).  He has exhibited work internationally at such galleries as the Ovenden Contemporary, as well as in a number of nationally recognized gallery spaces.  

Please view my Curriculum Vitae 

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