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Out feed table - Saw Stop Table Saw


In 2021, I designed and built a torsion box outfeed table , to be used with a SawStop Table Saw.  The table was imagined and designed using Google SketchUp.  I generated digital plans that allowed me to make a detailed cut list including dimensions.  The purpose of this project was to provide a true flat surface to catch wood being pushed through the table saw at up to an 8’ length, as well as to provide modular work spaces for students, faculty and staff to use.  


The bottom rack located underneath the outfeed table is specially designed with the intention of providing storage for the exhaust system, while also allowing room for two smaller, 4’X4’ work tables to live.  Both smaller work tables have been built with castors that make it possible to roll them out when needed, and back under the table when not in use.  


Using 1’X1’ square steel tube, I welded together the frames of each table and then built the table tops.  In an effort to create an object that was easily updatable, I made the tops of each table removable and from materials that lend themselves to either being easily replaced, or to withstanding the workload they would be confronted with.  


The top of the outfeed table is made using melamine, plastic coated wood along with recycled red oak edging.  The tops of the two smaller nesting tables are made from double thick MDF that can be removed or replaced using screw attachment methods.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 2.46.29 PM.jpg.png

Out feed Table Design Shots

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