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I  imagined and built this cabinet system in it entirety.  

In 2020, I began the process of assessing and designing a better storage containment system for a wood shop with the intention of creating room for people to work as well as greater organization to promote efficient use of that classroom.  In addition, this workbench/cabinet combination contributes to creating a safer, more ergonomic workspace.     


Using Google SketchUp, I generated an idea of what this cabinet system would look like.  I created a step by step plan containing cut lists with predetermined dimensions attached to each board and then assembled them using pocket holes made with a Kreg Jig. 


The countertop is extremely flat and was achieved through making a torsion box interior, using MDF.  ChipBoard along with recycled red oak act as the work surfaces and edge molding.    


Overall, the cabinet has 27 labeled drawers along with four cabinet doors used for larger pieces of equipment such as circular saws, a sawzall, a jigsaw, etc.

Design Photos/ Cut List Images


Progress Shots

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