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During the height of the pandemic and while on furlough from the University of Dayton in early 2020, I built this console for a television that was sitting on the floor of my new apartment.  I had recently moved to Ohio and didn’t have any furniture at the time.  Stores were closing and it became very difficult to acquire end tables, couches, and tv consoles.  So I decided to get started building the furniture I wanted to feel more comfortable in my living space.  


After researching the type and style of elevation device I wanted to build to get my television off the floor with the hope of minimizing the noise level I made for my downstairs neighbor, I digitally built a model using Google SketchUp to generate dimensions and detailed plans for making.


This piece of furniture has been built in such a way as to connect grain patterns from birch plywood over joinery and cohesively through the landscape of drawers.  It has a waterfall grain pattern over mitered corners.  The faces of each drawer have been arranged to reflect the grain pattern of one sheet of wood.  


I welded, fabricated, and patinated ¼” round steel to form the legs you see above.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 10.35.15 AM.jpg.png

Console for a tv - Design Plans and progress shots

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