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“Perrrrrrrfect Blue Sky”

Dimensions Variable

Time Duration Infinite - Loops Forever

I traveled three hours by car alone, to the top of a remote mountain in the San Bernardino Mountain range searching for a place where I could view the sun rise and set, unencumbered by artificial light.  Camping alone, I planned on waking up before dawn to make a time-lapse video  of what I hoped would be flawless blue skies from the moment the sun rose, until it disappeared beyond the horizon.  I yearned to understand more fully what paradise means.  I wanted to define my place on earth.  The unchanging so called perfect weather in Southern California is widely known as a prized characteristic that many people dream about.  At points during the span of 14 years I spent living in San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles,  the lack of change from day to day became monotonous and in some ways, began to blur the distinctions necessary to remember time.  Part of my practice involves maintaining a presence throughout each experience I have.  Because of the repeated action of perfect blue skies free of clouds or storms or blemishes of any kind, along with other similarities between the days and the years, I began to notice a difficulty in finding myself, in remembering something distinct about the passing of each moment.    

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