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Mission Statement:

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All products have been produced by creating digital models that come to physical fruition through a mixture of rigid and flexible rubber mold making.

Product Line:

Cement Planter in “Shadow BLCK”  or “Bone White”

“This planter adds quiet refinement with a touch of drama into any space.  Your friends will comment on how sophisticated you've become.  Industrial vibes meet innovative living.”

Two sizes - Small (5.25"X5.25"X5.25")

                    Large (5.25”X6.25”X6.25”)

Materials: Cement and Black or White Water

Polished Cement Lidded Jar in Shadow BLCK and Bone White


“It's cold to the touch.  When I look at the polished cement, it feels distant until we interact, followed by endless love.  This jar warms my lonely fingers.  They are surprised at how soft the surface feels and at how much they're drawn to inquire further.  Place your daily routines into this vessel.  Make it a part of each day that follows.”  


- color may vary slightly, as will every experience in life - 




Materials: Grief, Longing, Stillness, Everlasting Love, Polished Cement, Black Water

VSSEL Design is a business that focuses on making objects relating 

conceptually to the idea of the vessel as a container.  In much the same way that humans collect experiential energy that builds and compounds throughout their lives that turns into the personalities that make them uniquely authentic, expressive individuals, a vessel has the potential for holding the energy bestowed upon it.  Materials like porcelain, cement, metal, and glass create the foundation from which these efforts begin.  


We’re interested in pursuing ideas that support self care and slowing down with the hope that through doing so, that we can encourage personal self actualized wellness within the various communities we’re a part of.  We intend on doing this by making thoughtfully designed objects that generate attention points throughout the day, that evoke curiousity, tactile interest, a sense of calm, and perhaps to act as the inspirational epicenter for a lifestyle that encourages greater mental bandwidth.


All pursuits  connect back to the relationships that exists between beings.


By: Dani+Josh 

Welcome to the next phase in the VSSEL pursuit.  
We are proud to present the "Cylindrical Lidded Cement Vessel".

This jar was inspired by notions of resistance relating to how human beings move throughout their days.  Through walking and observing, we notice our surroundings within a perpetual state of slow change, while remaining and retaining the same.  Character is developed and integrity is reinforced

- walls are erected with embedded metal that provides reassurance.  

Much in the same way that architecture manifests a scaffolding system from which we may interact with shared spaces, these objects have been made to inspire consideration to the passing of time and the relationship we have with the world changing around us, with the relationships involved in maintaining a sense of self.

It's what's inside that mirrors the VSSEL that contains.  Your choice - It's always up to you.

By Dani+Josh