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"City Waste"
A series of planters that explore
the aesthetics of public, urban landscapes

Driving through the cities I live and work in has become such a big part of my life.  Whether it be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Columbus, or Dayton Ohio, I find that I am influenced by the design choices architects, city planners, and landscape designers make.  Through examining those choices and incorporating them into some of the objects I make, I feel closer to where I live.  There is poetry in that which changes slowly over time and I can't help but see the day-in and day-out, degradation and celebration of these objects and spaces as the life force within so many purposeful actions.


This series of planters explores the aesthetics of public, urban landscapes and seeks to highlight what it means to live in those spaces by bringing objects like dumpsters into the domestic.  I hope to understand and to deepen the connection I have to place.