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Porcelain and Cement Dinnerware Concept

Porcelain and Cement have long been acquainted with one another.  A relationship of sameness exists, while at the same time, a drastic difference in materiality between the two.  I am interested in producing a line of dishes made of both mediums within each individual object.  For instance, the double rimmed plates shown below will have a lower layer made of polished cement cast into a hollow upper layer made from Frost cone^6 Porcelain.  The finish on the porcelain will be free of glaze and will achieve food safety standards in its vitrified form.  


The mold making challenges associated with making an object like this involve problem solving through careful research relating to shrinkage rates at specific temperatures.  Multiple molds made of silicon and plaster will need to be made in order to replace the fired, top ceramic layer back into the rubber mold that cement may be poured into.  Consideration must be made for thoughtful placement of the parting line on this two part mold since cement so frequently remembers how it was made.

Each form has been designed using minimal aesthetic choices that emphasizes user experience.  The rims on each plate invite the person holding them to place their index finger between the creases of each layer of material while balancing their thumb at the edge of the inside upper rim, and supporting the weight of the plate through grasping the foot below.  Each curve has been deliberated over to maximize the pleasure of handling.  

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