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Mold Making and Casting Lab

(Art 367A Mold-Making and Casting Lab)


Course Description:


This class is structured as a technical course with three areas of emphasis: mold making, casting, and various techniques in fabrication. We will focus on multiple techniques in making RTV rubber molds: 2 part block molds, brush-on glove molds, pourable blanket molds, as well as vacuum forming, vacuum bagging, and life casting. The casting component of this class will cover a range of materials including polyurethanes, silicones, epoxies, polyesters, latex, Aqua Resin, gypsums and other materials. Techniques in clear casting, slush casting, and composite lay-up will also be demonstrated. We will also discuss some alternative techniques using waxes, glycerin, chocolate and other food grade alternative binders. There will also be a fabrication component of this class which will cover rigid and soft foams, precision board, some plastics, polymer clays, as well as techniques for combining multiple materials. In this part of the class, students will learn how to scale-up objects, as well as tool and surface foam forms. The aim of this class will be to introduce students to a wide range of techniques and materials in mold making and fabrication, and also to create an atmosphere where students can experiment with these processes.


In addition to covering a broad range of technical and material concerns this class will also consider the conceptual and theoretical implications of working with traditional, industrial, contemporary and experimental techniques of mold making, casting and fabrication. As a class we will consider numerous contemporary artists who employ these techniques in different ways in an effort to expand the discourse of representational systems, replication, material processes and implications of production

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