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"Lack Land"
X3 Fiberglass castings devoid of color made using the impression from a boulder that fell from the wall of a rock quarry in Riverside California, granite fragments, wood

Lack land is the result of a search for authentic wilderness in Southern California.  Within this pursuit, I strategized that finding locations on the verge of development would be sources of
inspirational material.  After visiting a rock quarry in Riverside CA. I noticed piles of giant, car or bus sized boulders left in a field and imagined them falling from rock wall, rolling until they met their next resting place.  Through onsite mold making, I was able to take an impression of one of these boulders using flexible rubber and plaster.  The rubber pulled chunks of granite off the rock and then deposited them into the resulting fiberglass castings.  The more this object was produced, the less granite was left to transfer, effectively erasing distinguishable characteristics that connect the form back to the landscape it came from. 

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